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Welcome to a bitcoin biosphere of ordinals and inscriptions! BitcoinComics is first of its kind multi-volume character collection of unique art and digital assets on the Bitcoin network. We're in the early stages of a series of 12 ordinal sub-collections who's characters make up the cast of a forthcoming recursive comics series, interwoven with BITCOIN•COMICS Runes, and a BRC-20 token called $PERQ.

These never before seen characters are all original, non-derivatives conceived nearly 20 years ago for a comic strip by our resident cartoonist Steven J! But newspaper politics shelved these critters in a lonely and dark terrarium before they were able to be published...until Ordinal theory set them free!

Now these cartoonish cephalopods, arthropods, amphibians, and reptiles, are infiltrating the memepool, each with their own hefty dose of personality and pizzazz. And each collection has diminishing supplies in every successive release.

The feisty BTCSlugs and grouchy MaxiTurdles lead the charge as the first two volumes live on-chain, as the other 10 characters eagerly await to be freed from their cages to join BOB, their human rescuer. See the full breakdown here.

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