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How to Maximize Opportunity

Guaranteed Mints

Our diverse ecosystem provides numerous ways to maximize gameplay. Holding an OG NiftyPass, or a certain amount of $PERQ, and/or a specified number of BTCSlugs, will ensure you have the optimal chance to get free mints on each of the following series.

Following the 3333 BTCSlugs, each subsequent series has diminishing supplies ranging from 2222 (MaxiTurdles) down to 111 (BOB). So each volume becomes harder and harder to obtain the closer we get to the end. But you can secure free mints for each of these volumes a number of different ways.

  1. The Ace in the Hole will always be the OG NiftyPass. Holding one of these during an announced snapshot will always guarantee you to receive an ordinal from each and every collection, without needing to ever pay mint fees; they will simply be airdropped right into your wallet!

  2. Conversely, holding specified supplies of $PERQ, our on-chain allow list in the form of a BRC-20, also secures guaranteed free mints to holders for collections 1-10. See the chart here for holding requirements for each volume:

With each decreasing supply, $PERQ holding requirements increase. So demand for PERQ's fixed supply of 5M should continuously rise the further along we get.

As a result, one strategy is to secure the maximum amount of $PERQ you can as early as possible, before supply shock begins to set in. If you have 22.5K $PERQ, you are guaranteed to get a free mint from collections 1-10, while having 30k or 50k enters you into the raffle for the final two collections. And you can compound your tickets by holding BTCSlugs with your $PERQ.

You can find $PERQ on OKX and Unisat, and we will soon be airdropping 1000 $PERQ to anyone who holds 5+ MaxiTurdles during an upcoming snapshot.

The Slug Effect

Another way to secure free mints is by simply holding BTCSlugs, regardless of rarity. Being first in the series makes them the preeminent collection second only to the OG NiftyPass so every Slug is important.

Every BTCSlug you hold equates to 1 raffle ticket for free mints on supply reserves of each subsequent mint. Those reserves will be pulled from the "Public Mint" column in the chart above. So holding even one BTCSlug gives you a shot at free mints for each volume, and those odds increase with every Slug held.

Ex: Hold 5 Slugs for 5 tickets, or 8 Slugs for 8 tickets. 1 Slug = 1 Ticket.

Additionally, as we get further along into the series, you can increase your odds for free mints even further by combining holdings of the preceding collections:

  • 5 Slugs + 4 MaxiTurdles = 1 SilkToads WL

  • 5 Slugs + 4 MaxiTurdles + 3 SilkToads = 1 Axomoto WL

  • 5 Slugs + 4 MaxiTurdles + 3 SilkToads + 2 Axomotos = 1 Squidoshi WL

This formula will continue all the way through volume 10, with the goal of preventing public mints, in order to reserve those supplies for existing holders on a FCFS basis.

However, Volumes 11 and 12 will be a bit different. OG NiftyPass holders will always have their guaranteed allocations airdropped to them, but the remaining supplies of SnailFinneys (122/222) and BOBs (11/111) will all be raffled off to NiftySats holders based on the rules of the next page. Learn How to Win.

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