Volume 2 - The disgruntled jpeg hating maxis.

Turdle Lore

Laser-eyed maxis have staunchly opposed ordinals on Bitcoin since their inception, claiming that "stupid jpegs have no purpose other than to clog the network", and that free thinking members of the Bitcoin community have no right to store arbitrary data on the mother chain.

They couldn't be more wrong.

This level of hypocrisy in stating that Bitcoin is a free and open network, but only if you use it in the ways that they approve of, is astonishing.

But the #MaxiTurdles were born for this. These caricatures of tomfoolery come with inherent levels of mockery for all laser-eyed maxis with such malformed views of Satoshi's vision for Bitcoin. Their troll level is above 2000.

The Villain Arc

Not long ago, notable Bitcoin developer, Udi Wertheimer, was able to dig up ancient texts revealing that Satoshi Nakamoto himself helped facilitate the first "digital collectible sale" on Bitcoin way back in 2010. Satoshi seemed to support such an endeavor, and Casey Rodarmor's release of Ordinal Theory, only serves to expand upon that notion.

The most egregious outcry from the laser-eyed maxi camp, comes from Luke Dash Jr, who runs Ocean Mining, a bitcoin mining pool. He's gone so far as to (attempt to) censor ordinals, by refusing to mine blocks that contain them. It's not working out for their pool, as they continue to miss out on huge amounts of lucrative transaction fees in these blocks. A stance that is particularly ridiculous after the block subsidy reward for mining was just cut in half from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC per block.

What's extra weird is that Luke Dash Jr has admitted to actually eating cats. Udi ran with that discovery, and has since created an ordinals collection called Quantum Cats, and has recently submitted a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP-420) to revive OP_CAT, a network function for covenants that was removed years ago.

So obviously, one of the #MaxiTurdle traits had to be a cat-in-the-mouth...because the mockery & troll level is strong in these Turdles. And each BITCOIN•COMICS collection represents characters in a forthcoming comic series, with the MaxiTurdles portraying the grumpy old impotent grouch.

Ordinals, Runes, and BRC-20's now make up a considerable amount of network traffic, and the fees associated therein have made miners record breaking profits since the start of these new protocols. This sort of proliferation of the Bitcoin Network only helps to further incentivize miners to secure the network, and has brought hundreds, if not thousands, of new nodes online, as collectors and traders seek to participate with ordinals at the protocol level.

MaxiTurdles are here to call out the hypocrisy and poke fun at the stupidity demonstrated by those who oppose USING and building on top of Bitcoin, rather than just letting it lie dormant in wallets like they propose. The art consists of high resolution original designs and traits which look fantastic, while the spelling of turtles as turdles sort of reflects the notion that a polished turd remains a turd, because we think hating ordinals makes you a turd. 💩

Collection Details

Our full ecosystems consists of 12 character collections with diminishing supplies. There are 3333 BTCSlugs, and 2222 MaxiTurdles. Likewise, there will be 1111 SilkToads, 999 Axomotos, and so on and so forth, see more details here.

An unannounced Snapshot occurred on May 12th, and one WL was issued for every 3000 $PERQ held in a single address. $PERQ is a BRC-20 that serves as our on-chain whitelist. Additionally, a WL was issued for every 10 BTCSlugs held in a single address.

All 100 holders of our OG NiftyPasses received airdrops a day in advance of the mint; a process that repeats for each of the 12 collections in the series.

Here's what those totals account for:

  • NiftyPass, PERQ holders, and SlugKings with 10 or more Slugs accounted for roughly 50% of the total supply of MaxiTurdles.

  • 444 WL were raffled off to BTCSlug holders based on 1 ticket for every 1 slug held. Winners are listed in the right column here.

  • 50 WL were provided to various ordinal communities and members.

  • 50 Turdles were minted by the project wallet for giveaways & airdrops.

  • The remaining supply went to public mint on FCFS basis at a mint price of 0.001 BTC ($65)

MaxiTurdle Rarity Index

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