A High Level Overview

When we say we're a "Bitcoin Biosphere", we really mean that. Our ecosystem consists of 12 different character collections based on animals that aren't traditionally seen in the world of NFTs and Ordinals. Nudibranchs, Axolotls, Squids, Eels, and more...each of which are all a part of the larger ecosystem of animals rescued by Bob, a Bitcoin Miner who now looks after their well being!

The Art Collections

The image below displays the concept art for each character, with the two currently deployed volumes colorized. Leading the pack as the first volume swimming out of the mempool are the BTC Slugs. 3333 feisty Nudibranchs saturating on-chain art galleries. Second in the series are the MaxiTurdles poised to troll the laser-eyed maxis who hate ordinals and oppose the freedom to transact on Bitcoin.

Each volume has its own narrative unique to the history of Bitcoin, with traits and characteristics that help tell the story. The Slugs are scrappy and focused on the newly launched Runes protocol many said would fail, while the Turdles take a stand against transaction censorship. These old curmudgeons with signs of protest exist to mock the naysayers who think they can stop arbitrary data storage on Bitcoin.

The 3rd volume, SilkToads, will shine a light on the history of SilkRoad, created by Ross Ulbricht who is now serving a double life sentence in prison. And each subsequent collection will tell a different story that fits into the broader Bitcoin narrative in their own unique way.

Ecosystem Assets

The ecosystem consists of 3 different types of inscription standards 1) the ordinal artwork, 2) a BRC-20 fungible token, 3) a Runes fungible token.

  • OG NiftyPasses are 100 BTC logo graphics inscribed in the first few months of ordinals in the 659k-660k range. Holding a NiftyPass guarantees you to an early airdrop from each and every collection we launch. It's the golden ticket that becomes increasingly valuable towards the end of the series, when there are only 222 and 111 ordinals in the last 2 volumes.

  • Character Collections consist of a 12 different sub-collections of cartoonish characters that make up the ensemble cast of the forthcoming comic series. The final total of all 12 volumes will be 11664 ordinals in the master collection.

  • $PERQ (perquisite) was one of the first 10 BRC-20s deployed to an uncommon sat in 2023. Its supply of 5M functions as an on-chain whitelist for free mints. Holding X amount during a snapshot before each character collection launches guarantees you a free mint.

  • BITCOIN•COMICS was etched as rune #993, and is cemented in history as the 2nd ever rune airdrop, with the help of RSIC's rune_dev. The 210M supply was distributed to BTCSlug holders and $PERQ holders, and unlocks customization features, allowing minters to choose traits of their ordinals, and other fun stuff in our ecosystem.

Learn more about the OG Pass on the next page.

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