🐌BTC Slugs

Volume 1 - The feisty nudibranchs slithering on your nodes.


The first volume of 12, is the feisty Nudibranch (sea slugs) or BTC Slugs as they're known. Did you know that there are over 3000 different species of these incredibly diverse invertebrates across the entire globe?

These resilient sea creatures can be found anywhere from the icy polar caps, down to the tropics of the Bahamas, thriving in both shallow waters and the depths of the ocean floor. There's not a shore on earth that the nudibranch doesn't call home. If you've been to a beach lately, then you ventured into their habitat. And now, they've ventured into ours!

Cartoonist "Steven J". originally designed these slugs as a lead character in his snarky comic strip, so they came first and are loaded with pizzazz! Being so small, yet resilient enough to live in any body of water gives them a bit of a chip on their shoulder...definitely some Hasbulla vibes going on with these guys.

As ordinals, the Slugs are completely unique and unlike anything you've seen thus far. The rendered supply of 4k was thoughtfully trimmed down to 3333, removing some of the color ways, in order to meet the supply cap and curate the best collection of stylings.


The BTC Slugs' trait class is also pretty beefy, with over 240 unique traits, from antennae, body type, butt feathers, mouths & more. Their accessories are also uncommon; rather than your typical hoodies, pipes, and hats, the BTC Slugs sport things like unicorn floaties, boxing gloves, and gopro snorkel masks, with some grails rocking Lasers, Rubies, and Diamonds on their antennae. Check out the rarity index below.

Rune Hunting! - ᛊᛚᚢᚷ

Aside from the original artwork, the BTCSlugs are unique among all of our ordinals in another way - they hunted runes!

Over half of the BTCSlugs have certain traits and accessories that qualified them for fixed allocations of the BITCOIN•COMICS rune! The Runestone protocol, designed by the creator of Ordinals, is a new fungible token standard on Bitcoin, that recently went live at the last halving block - 840000. BITCOINCOMICS Allocations were distributed according the chart here.

Mint Details

The whitelist for BTC Slugs was over allocated but only a third of approved wallets minted their supply, leaving 2201 Slugs minted by the public on OrdinalsBot.com, for just 0.0004 BTC ($20).

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