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Did you know over half of the BTC Slugs were outfitted with equipment to help them search the high seas for sunken runes?🤯

They slithered out of the mempool on a mission...to find hidden treasures scattered across the ocean floor, & deliver them to the Ordinal Collectors who rescued them!

When the warm waters of Spring arrived and runes launched, these slugs made landfall with their runic plunder according to the chart below. 👀

Slug Rune Rewards

Phase 1 - After the BTC Slug mint was complete, we conducted a snapshot, and anyone holding 3 or more Slugs in a single wallet received an airdrop of 1000 $PERQ (BRC-20 token). Read how that translated into Runes below.

Phase 2 - After the Runestone Protocol went live, we etched Rune #993 and distributed allocations to BTC Slug & $PERQ holders in accordance with the graphic above.

The runic symbols were paired to slug traits in the same order of rarity as RSIC Metaprotocol. Since RSIC Boosters were the first to rescue slugs, it only made sense to have their runic symbol order remain syncopated with RSIC's.

In the event that a slugs had more than one qualifying trait, the holder received the higher reward allocation, and the lower reward allocation went into a collective pot, that was evenly distributed to all wallets holding 1 or more slugs. This was rounded up to 5k per "common slug", and no Slug was left out.

Example: You held a Slug with a Kiddie Floatie (250k) AND a Snorkel (100k). You received 250k runes, and an even share of the other 100k runes was split between all slug holders.

See Rune distribution examples in the supplemental chart below. 👇

Game Optimization

Obtaining 3 BTC Slugs was the best way to optimize your position, as it guaranteed an airdrop of 1000 PERQ, which then also guaranteed 10000 Runes.

There was a bit of a treasure hunting game at play here for those who like surprises. Minting random pulls might have revealed rare traits worth a huge supply of runes. While the more conservative among you opted for mid-tier traits confirmed in advance on MagicEden. Hunting is fun!🕵️‍♀️


Nudibranchs are some of the most diverse & unique sea creatures alive in our world. And we created a diverse and unique on-chain experience with their digital likeness. ORD Protocol is an invaluable innovation to mankind, and Runes gave the world a fun way to experiment with nascent protocols.

But remember that all of this is exactly that - experimentation. In the same way the creator of BRC-20 tokens echoed the sentiments of the founder of Ordinals & Runes, all of this could go to zero and be nothing. So please don't over extend yourself into any digital asset, ever. And please don't blame us, or Casey, or anyone else if you lose money, or sleep, or sanity. Play these games responsibly, manage your risk tolerance, and enjoy the art & good vibes.

So now that they're live, how do the BITCOIN•COMICS runes work?

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