🐸Volumes 3 - 12

Find the rest of the NiftySats crew here.

Above, you'll see the original hand sketched concepts for the rest of the NiftyFam. Review the chart here to see the full release order and supplies of all 12 volumes.

The SilkToads are up next, with 1111 ordinals with traits and designs that will tell the story of the infamous SilkRoad website created by Ross Ulbricht, which allowed all sorts of illicit merchandise to be bought and sold using Bitcoin.

After them, will be 999 Axomotos, that have a personality similar to The Flintsones' Dino. A happy-go-lucky axolotl that will have his own story to tell.

We'll update these pages for each collection as we draw closer to their individual releases, and provide more details about each collection and corresponding mint details.

Now get to know the history of the BITCOIN•COMICS runes!

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