🏁Comic Series

What's the goal?

So what is this Comic Series all about?

The end game of all this is a comic series native to Bitcoin. Depending on your generation, you may or may not be aware of Calvin & Hobbes, which was a weekly phenomenon in the Sunday papers. Garfield was also a weekly occurrence that kids looked forward to before Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network took over their minds.

We aim to create a modern global counterpart to these old school stylings right on layer 1 Bitcoin. We originally planned to wait until all 12 character collections were inscribed, but we may actually begin to roll out before that, as we're eager to have some comic fun!

What role do the ordinals play?

Each of the 12 character collections tell a story focused on some aspect of the Bitcoin's history. This is a fun and creative way to introduce the personality of each character in the comics, but also serves to bring awareness to the many narratives within the Bitcoin ecosystem. The Slugs focused on the brand new runes protocol, an advent in Bitcoin's history that we've not yet come to appreciate since it's only been live for a few weeks, but impactful nonetheless.

The MaxiTurdles' role is to call out the hypocrisy of maxis, and to underscore the real fight within the ordinals space...not tribal factions making war with each other based on preference of PFP, but rather against those who purport themselves to be the overlords of the network, attempting to censor and filter inscriptions altogether. This is the real battleground.

SilkToads will highlight the history of SilkRoad and the role that it played in the early days of Bitcoin's expanse as a medium of exchange. The lore there is rich with pirates, illicit goods, and the underworld, and the SilkToads' traits will creatively play into that.

Likewise, Axomotos and Squidoshi's are more on the playful puppy spectrum and will bring some lighthearted joy to the scene, while Memwerms and HashedEELs will be more of the cynic types. Meanwhile, LadySlugs will highlight the positive impact that many women have had in this space and haven't been credited for. We think that's something that is long overdue.

GeckOrds and BeetleSats are the worrisome bunch, and rightfully so, as they'll focus on the perils of navigating the blockchain space without proper security. We've all heard stories of someone being hacked or scammed, and these two characters in the series will help to educate and bring awareness to the importance of privacy and security in this space.

Looking ahead, obviously SnailFinneys, will pay homage to Hal Finney, the first miner after Satoshi Nakamoto himself, and they will respectfully highlight some of Hal's contributions to this space in a fun way. While BOB is a modern miner, and the caretaker of all these creatures, whose role in the comic series will be like the even-keeled voice of reason.

When & how will this happen?

The artist is currently working on future collection art at the same time as prepping elements for the comics, and we are aiming for no less than 2 releases each month, if not weekly publications which is the real goal. So we are preparing numerous assets in advance so we have a stockpile before beginning the launch.

Additionally, there are ways to leverage recursion here that add some real creative flair. But that takes some dev work to make sure things render properly across explorers. So the bottom line is that we're working as fast as we can while ensuring we can deliver a level of quality worth such a venture.

Lastly, runes infrastructure is still pretty non-existent, but it is actively being built, and we have some really fun ways to integrate them within the comic series that we can't yet divulge. But all of this works together for an incredibly fun way to leverage the newfound technical capabilities on Bitcoin thanks to inscriptions. Stick around, it'll be a fun ride!

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