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All Slugs Matter

As you've read on the Runes Rewards page, BTCSlugs hunted Runes based on qualifying traits and accessories. But that doesn't mean slugs without those traits missed out on runes!

There is no such thing as a "common Slug" in our ecosystem. In fact, there are numerous traits that are quite rare in the collection that weren't listed on the Rune Rarity Chart. For example; there are only 24 Slugs with white backgrounds. Likewise, there are only 21 Slugs that have the Bitcoin Orange Body Outline, and fewer than 30 with various hair styles (cerata).

In time, these traits will come to be appreciated as collectors seek out the more "rare" slug traits, that were not directly associated with rune allocations, particularly now that the runes are distributed. But many considered anything not shown on the Rune Rarity Chart, to be "common". However, upon closer inspection, the two Slugs shown above didn't have traits on the chart, but are quite rare nonetheless.

Obviously, we couldn't include every trait in the Rune list, as there are over 200 combined features, but we chose some of our most favorite traits, and those that stand out the most visually to receive the higher rune rewards. However, ALL slugs received runes. Here is how that broke down:

  • There were 1018 BTCSlugs with traits listed on the Rune Rarity Chart

    • At least 65 of these slugs had more than 1 qualifying trait

    • Those Slugs received the higher trait's rune reward

    • All lower tiered rune rewards were rolled into a collective pot

  • The remaining 2315 Slugs without traits on the chart shared this pot

    • The total in that pot was just under 11M runes & we rounded up.

    • We then added more so each "common Slug" got 5000 Runes.

Additionally, as the first collection in the series with the highest supply, each slug plays an integral role in the ecosystem, granting access to all future collections. We take snapshots for raffles of free mints on every subsequent collection, with every slug counting as one ticket entry.

The recent MaxiTurdle raffle had 444 winners. So by holding even just 1 BTCSlug, you have a chance to win free mints on each of the remaining 10 collections. And the more Slugs you hold, the better your chances are. Read more on the How to Play page.

Holder Verification

Running in parallel with this, are various Discord Server roles you can unlock by holding multiple slugs. You can get these roles by linking your wallets to Matrica Verify, to prove ownership of your BITCOIN•COMICS assets, for the following roles:

  • @Slug Holder - Hold 1+ Slugs

  • @Slug Nut - Hold 3+ Slugs

  • @Slug Boss - Hold 7+ Slugs

  • @Slug King - Hold 10+ Slugs

  • @Slug Lord - Hold 20+ Slugs

  • @NiftyPass OG - Hold 1+ NiftyPasses

You don't have to complete Matrica verification to participate in the ecosystem or to be captured in shapshots, as everything exists on-chain. But by verifying your holdings and unlocking these Discord roles, you will be first in line for various WL collaborations with other ordinal communities, as well as random giveaways, raffles, and contests we host on Discord.

BITCOIN•COMICS has a Matrica business account, that you can access in the #official-links channel of our Discord server. Or you can use this direct link to their site without passing through Discord. Matrica is a global verification platform trusted for token-gating events and servers by organizations like the Sacramento Kings (NBA team), Brave Web Browser, and 2300 other communities across multiple blockchains.

WE WILL NEVER ASK you to connect your wallet or sign anything at anytime. Wallet verification is done directly on the Matrica website; nowhere else. If anyone ever claims to be from our team and sends an external link, this is likely a scam that you should report and delete immediately.

Use only the link above, the one in the server channel, or by typing Matrica.io directly into your web browser. It has been safe and vetted for years, but you can also contact Matrica to verify the BITCOIN•COMICS (NiftySats) account if you need further convincing. But again, if you're uncomfortable with this, it is not required for anything other than additional perks and internal snapshots of server roles.

All of this serves one purpose - to proliferate the benefits of Slug ownership. Whether you hold Slugs anonymously or verify ownership for Discord roles, it all leads back to the value of actually holding a BTCSlug.

And by hunting out some of the more rare traits not found on the Rune Rarity Chart, you are able to snipe and collect some very special slugs that are far from common. Don't fade the Slugs!

Now learn more about the BRC-20 integration!

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