🔌BRC-20 Design

A purpose-built BRC-20 token.

While the OG NiftyPass is like a catch-all badge that grants owners free mints on everything, we also deployed a BRC-20 ($PERQ) to an uncommon sat back in June of 2023, which was designed to grant the owner free mints when a holding requirement is met.

Each unit of PERQ's 5M supply acts like a whitelist ticket, whereas holding a predetermined amount would auto-qualify & whitelist your wallet for a guaranteed free mint of any given collection.

How Might a BRC-20 Improve Whitelist Processes?

  • Open public mints get botted and regular people get stiffed as supplies are monopolized by a few. Some sort of gatekeeping is necessary to prevent this. A BRC-20 can move the approval process entirely on-chain, and let's the open market compete for whitelist spots on any given mint.

  • Physical feats, quests, and exhibitionist videos can take more time and energy than some are willing to give. Maybe just hold some of this free native token instead?

  • If you don't like an upcoming collection, you can simply sell the BRC token to someone who does...then buy it back if you do like an upcoming mint. This enables whitelist allocations to be freely available and easily attainable.

The number of PERQ required for a free mint, increases with each collection release, coinciding with supply decreases in each release. For example, Volume 1 was the BTC Slugs, with a supply of 3333 ordinals, and a holding requirement of 2000 PERQ. But Volume 2, the MaxiTurdles, required 3000 PERQ held, with a supply of 2222. See the full chart below:

You can see in the above chart, that only 13% of the supply is designed to go to a paid public mint, with 87% of the total collection reserved for $PERQ and NiftyPass holders. Wallets are automatically whitelisted to mint free if they A) hold 1 NiftyPass, or B) hold the required amount of $PERQ during a snapshot.

*Any remainder of unclaimed WL free mints will roll over into a paid public mint.

Keep going to understand the best gameplay strategies! 😉

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